What type of Model are you? From Onlyfans' perspective

You want to kickstart your OnlyFans journey by being the hot bombshell you are, but you’re confused about what genre you should pick up. Right? This is a very common confusion amongst creators these days. 

So if you’re confused about the innumerable categories and genres of modeling, this article is for you! After writing fashion blogs for over 8 years and working with the adult industry for over 6, I think I’m quite experienced to give an unbiased view on this topic. 

Here, I’ve categorized the different types of modeling that you get to see around you these days. DRNMR agency specializes in bringing the best out of you. Unlike other OnlyFans agencies whose main motto is to fit you in a mould and try to promote you, our team of experts strategies everything around you. So that YOU can become the brand you were meant to be.

Mind you; the categorization in this article is not to oversimplify the profession and judge them but rather to give you a bird’s eye view of how you can identify your brand. Or perhaps what strategies should you pick while consulting an agency..

  • Online influencers
    This type of model have recently gone overboard in the last 3-5 years. These models shoot in the comfort of their own time and space and often do most of the work themselves. Big-shot brands do a “Fashion Collaboration” with these models to promote themselves. A few names to top off this category are Karlie Koss, Lucky Smith and Pia Muehlenbeck
  • Niche Model
    This incorporates models who specialize in a certain skill or have specific features. The former refers to models who specialize in ballet, skateboarding, horse-riding etc whereas the latter refers to enhanced body features such as heavy bulking muscles, enhanced breasts, inked n pierced bodies etc. For instance, one of the most popular alternate modeling agencies is Suicide girls. As obvious, these models get hired for very specific genres of photoshoots.
  • Art Model
    If you feel like you’ve seen the models of Justin Mortimer somewhere, don’t be shocked. He, along with several modern painters, draws their inspiration from live models. These models fall in the category of art models who only pose for artistic endeavors. This category is fit for models who have the patience to maintain a pose for hours on end; so patience is a must!
    Nowadays, you’d even find photographers capturing the naked female body in a non-sensuous manner. They hire art models for this exact purpose. Some of the notable photographers from this genre would be Yudi and Anshul Mehta.
  • Erotic Model
    As the name suggests, this category of models is comfortable with nudity in a sensual manner (Yes, nudity isn’t always sexual!). The photographs are created to arouse the viewer in a sexually stimulating way. In this genre, photographer like Jvil.la have made a name for themself.
  • Porn Model
    The difference between an erotic model and a porn model is the level of explicit nudity. An erotic model can cover all her body parts and still stimulate your senses sexually whereas a porn model would need to show her skin for the same effect. This is mostly based on the style of photography than the model herself.
    Porn models usually have sex on screen or are comfortable with fetish shoots which can itself cover a huge arena of topics.

These rough categories will help you in identifying where you belong in the vast ocean of content creators on OF. Cracking the OF code has never been easy, and taking the help of a professional OnlyFans agency is justified if you’re in this profession to make money.

If you look at simple arithmetics, you’ll realize hiring an agency to do the toiling for you is far more profitable than anything else. Let’s say you have managed to make a regular income of about $1000 every month by working 2 hours every day for 5 days/week. So that gets you a rough income of $25/hour.

Now, compare that to a scenario where you’re enrolled in an agency that is making you double that amount ($2000 is extremely easy for any agency, by the way!), but now you only have to work, let’s say 5-6 hours in a week. So that boosts your income to over $80/hour! 

Now, statistically speaking, most of the agencies use their pinpointed strategies to easily make a gross revenue of $10,000-$20,000/month. I will leave it up to you to do the profit calculation now 😉

Modeling has never been easy, and this time it’s no different. With so many different categories of models, the competition is cut-throat in 2023. So the choice is yours. All you have to do is decide if you want to pursue OF as a business minting money passively or if you want to toil like the bottom 50% who barely manage to scrape out $10/month.  

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