How to Promote your Onlyfans account?

If you’re reading this, chances are you have already thought of opening an OnlyFans account and are on the verge of cracking the code, but for some reason, you’re unable to figure out exactly how to gain some more fans. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your growth, and you can’t just break it out. 

What do you do then? Read on! 

To date, there are over a million creators on this platform. You can imagine how fiercely competitive it is then, Even though 50% of the creators have a hard time scratching the $10/month mark, the top 5% take home more than $1500 every single week!

Ever wondered what separates a top seller from a mediocre one? Good content; yes, that is definitely important. 

But then, what exactly creates this unusual rift? Lack of proper marketing skills, I’d say.

After floating through hundreds of accounts through these years, I think I’m quite capable of guiding you through this process.

In this short article, I’ve given you the essential 5 tips which you need to adhere to if you want to escape the herd and make a mark for yourself.

  • Use Twitter as much as possible!
    It can’t possibly be emphasized enough that this platform is nothing but a boon to the OnlyFans creators out there! Rather, not only for OF creators but for adult industry professionals who want to advertise themselves and bring in their much-needed crowd.
  • Advertise on subreddits 
    If you’re on a hunt for the “nerdy rich” guy gang, then Reddit is the platform you should aim for. With almost 0 censorship laws in place and thousands of visitors every minute, you can pull in the audience you’re craving for.
    But yes, be careful and don’t post repetitive posts or spam the “OnlyFans Promos” subreddits as they get spammed with more than 50 posts every minute. What I would suggest is to try advertising yourself on niche subs such as those with NSFW audiences like r/girlsdoingsuffnaked or r/fitnakedgirls with some quality posts, obviously.
  • Try out SFS groups on Telegram
    This one would take time but once you’re ready to fly, it’s all your game. Filled with innumerable SFS groups you can join one and advertise yourself at your best times. Mind you, they require verifications so if you’re a partner who has models as creators, you need to get it verified through them.
  • Have two separate accounts; one free and one paid
    If you are confident that people will know what they’re getting their hands into, then you can skip this one. But if you want to lure in people and then trap them all with your charisma, you should definitely give out discounts and free trials. 
    Furthermore, you can have two separate accounts; one free and one paid. In the free one, you can display a buffet of censored nudes with blocks on nips and pussies, whereas have it on full display in the paid account. Basically to seduce and lure people from one account to another.
  • Give shoutouts to fellow creators and collaborate with each other!
    One of the most effective ways to gain fans is through shoutouts on each other’s pages. All you have to do is DM the other creator and ask them if they’re willing to take part in shoutouts. This way, both of your fans will get exposed to each other, and you’ll have a huge shower of eyes and a boost on your page!

You must realize that OnlyFans has game-changing possibilities. It can make you rich in a month, or it could be as good as nothing. More than 50% of creators on OnlyFans make less than $8 per month, so if you have to make a mark for yourself, you better advertise the hell outta your page. Don’t hesitate to advertise on your YouTube, Twitter or Instagram handle.

Seems overwhelming? Because it actually is.

Managing an OnlyFans account aiming to make thousands of dollars every month from scratch is no easy gig. If you refer to our articles, you’ll see there are n number of genres that one can specialize in, each requiring its own strategies based on its target audience. As in most professions, it’s best to leave the strategy in the hands of the experts.

Therefore, if you’re serious about making some good money on OF, you should book a professional agency that can handle this for you for at least 5-6 months. 

As a token of our honesty, we gave you 5 golden tips on how to promote yourself on OnlyFans, but truth be told, this is just 5 of the hundred different strategies that we have at our disposal that can help a model get her name out there. 

So here you are; I’ve given you the Horcruxes for cracking the code for OnlyFans. Now, you must keep in mind that all good things take time, especially with growth on social platforms. Be ready to give in to a patient wait of at least a year alone (or a quarter of it if you join us) before you observe a steady influx of cash. 

Do keep in mind that OnlyFans creators are no less than independent entrepreneurs. Therefore, work smart, take your time and you will surely get your rewards.

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